Author Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot Photo Credit:  Alex MacAulay

Author Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot
Photo Credit: Alex MacAulay

When I’m not being distracted by my real life (which includes a job, a husband, and raising two beautiful and active daughters – one tween and one teen) I am the writer of stories and a daydreamer extraordinaire.  I was born, raised, and now permanently reside in the small town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. That means I live in writer’s heaven, surrounded by the natural beauty of seascapes, beaches, the Lahave River, and communities such as Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Chester, and Halifax that are rich with history and unique culture.  I’ve moved away a few times – to Alberta, to Japan, to the Annapolis Valley – but as beautiful as the Rocky Mountains were, as much as I wanted to travel and explore foreign lands, and as much as I’ve always wanted to be a valley girl, there is a part of me that just needs to be here where salty air, cool ocean breezes, and the call of seagulls off in the distance force me to stop, relax, and just imagine.

My debut children’s book, “Jennie Fowler, Nighttime Prowler,” was published in July 2014 and is available for purchase throughout Canada and the US at major chain bookstores and independent bookstores.  The eBook version is available worldwide through all major online bookselling sites.


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  1. Hi Lisa, We met several years back at the Desbrisay Museum when Clarey Croft read from his book, Witchcraft. I didn’t realize at the time that you were a fellow writer but recognized your name today when I was at Coles and was told you were coming in for a book signing and found you through Google. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long enough to catch you today. I hope the signing went well. Congratulations on the release of your children’s book. Perhaps our paths will cross again one day. 🙂

    • Hi Laura, Thanks so much. The signing went well (we sold out!). They actually had mentioned that someone popped in earlier who believed they knew me but couldn’t stay. Now I know who it was! I remember meeting you at the Desbrisay. I was quite excited that night to see a piece of family history captured in Clarey’s book and some of that family history of mine is quite prominent in my current adult work in progress. I hope our paths cross again!

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