Looking At Life Through A Different Lens

enawo1484931211Last year was a stressful year for me.  I went from being a typically healthy and hectic 40-something to someone unsure if I would live to see another Christmas, let alone live to watch my teen-aged daughters graduate from high school in a few years.  My life took on a very new lens…one that forced me to appreciate every moment and has allowed me to gain a new perspective on a lot of things.

Now that my medical crisis appears to be nearing an end and the seemingly endless battery of tests is coming closer to what appears will be a non-life-threatening diagnosis I am filled with incredible relief but also gratitude for the perspective living with complete uncertainty has given me.  It forced me to genuinely consider what I’ve done right in my life, what regrets I have, and what I want/need to change in order to allow my life to be as positive and fulfilling as possible.  It should give me lots to blog about in the weeks to come 🙂



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