Nova Scotia Staycation – Greenbay Beach, Lunenburg County

Back in the spring I had a pulmonary embolism about a week after routine gallbladder surgery.  I lived – YAY!  However, having blood clots has ‘grounded’ me from travel for the time being which means the summer vacation we were planning out of country was cancelled.  Lucky for me, however, I live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia which means I live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.  So, this summer I have been playing local tourist and since most people who read this blog aren’t from here I  thought I’d share with you some of the wonderful places I have been visiting right here at home.

This summer has been beautiful, sunny, and scorching hot so we have been spending a lot of time at the beach.  We live within 30 minutes of more beaches than I can count on my hands.  Greenbay is one of our favorites because, as you can see from the photos below, it isn’t generally crowded.  We usually take the scenic route there down the Lahave River which takes us about half an hour from our town of Bridgewater.

The beach has several little coves.  The first cove is usually the most crowded as it is located across from McLeod’s Canteen and the port-a-potties.  We always keep going past this area and drive a little way down the road, passing lots of cute little cottages and beach houses, until we are a few coves down.  We have to squeeze the car off to the side of the road to park and then we take one of several little trails that take us to the beautiful beach that we generally only have to share with a few other people if there is anyone else there at all.

My teenage daughters generally spend their time taking selfies on the big rocks that separate the coves while my husband and I walk the shoreline looking for shells or just enjoying the peacefulness of the beach.

On our way home we usually stop for ice cream at the General Store in Petite Riviere which is located across the road from a little picnic park with gazebo.


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