Things We Take For Granted – Our Hands

There’s nothing like an injury to remind us of some of the most basic things we take for granted.  I’ve been struggling with carpal tunnel for the past several months which has slowed me down immensely in terms of writing, however, a fluke accident while shovelling snow a few weeks ago left me with a sprained right hand/wrist. Here are five things I’ve realized I completely take for granted:

1.  The ability to zip my own coat – It has been REALLY cold here in Nova Scotia (it’s February) so probably my biggest frustration since getting hurt has been my inability to zip my coat.  I have been freezing for weeks simply because I couldn’t turn my wrist in the way needed to zip my coat so I’ve been running around with my coat wide open.  You’d think after all the years I spent zipping my kids’ coats when they were little that they’d help, but no.  Apparently it isn’t cool for teenagers to zip their mom’s coat for her.

2.  The ability to open anything in a container – Juice, mayo, soup, you name it.  If it has a top I haven’t had much luck getting into it.  Luckily, my teen daughters like to eat so they’ve been more helpful with this challenge but sometimes even they haven’t been able to get the tops off so we’ve had to wait for my husband (who works in a different part of the province during the week) to come home and open it for us.  I have learned I will be absolutely doomed as an old lady.

3.  The ability to turn the ignition switch of a car – Getting my kids to school and their activities has been a bit of a challenge.  I have come to dread the moment each day I have to start the car and release the emergency brake as it has become a source of pain I would equate with torture.  This still hurts even though my hand is much better than it had been.

4.  The ability to put hair in a ponytail – I think it is safe to say my hair looks like it was styled by a three year.  Who knew elastics were so complicated?

5.  Using toilet paper – Let’s just say things can get tricky. Enough said.

I realize there are people everyday who face these same challenges and a whole lot more.  I am thankful my injury is just temporary.


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