My Books Have Arrived!

Today was a pretty exciting day. Aside from the general excitement of it being my first official day of vacation (YAY!) just before lunch my shipment of bookmarks arrived and I was relieved to see they turned out well having used an online printer I had never heard of.  I was also relieved that it wasn’t raining and that I don’t live in a neighbourhood filled with thugs and thieves because the delivery guy just rang the doorbell, left the package in front of my door, and then drove off before I had the opportunity to get to the door which took me at best 15 seconds.  I now understand why the printing company has a disclaimer that they aren’t responsible for the product after it is given to their shipping company. 

A few hours later I heard a thump, looked out the window, and was delighted to see a courier driver heading up my driveway with two boxes.  The driver was the same fellow who had delivered the proof of my book a few weeks earlier who got to witness firsthand the excitement of a first time writer being handed her very first book.  When I opened the door he seemed genuinely excited as he asked, “Are these your books?”  I signed the electronic signature thing that does not have enough space for someone with a long hyphenated last name like mine to neatly sign and as he wished me well in my writing career I was genuinely touched by his sincerity.  It also made me feel this odd sense of obligation to work even harder to make this book a success so someday he can say, “I remember the day I delivered her first book…” 

I hope that day comes.

So, here they are… 

They have arrived!

They have arrived!

 Now the real work begins!  Anyone want to buy a book?



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