Life By the Sea – Places to Stop for Fun Martime Road Trip Photos

My youngest daughter and I recently travelled from the South Shore of Nova Scotia where we live to Summerside, Prince Edward Island so she could compete in the Atlantic Junior Badminton Championship.  It would ordinarily be about a 4.5 hour drive, but we went up a day early so were taking our time and stopping for fun photos.

Stop #1 – Stewiake, Nova Scotia for a picture with the Mammoth.

2014-05-01 10.38.25 (2)

This stop just off the highway provides several places to get a snack or something to eat and even has a place to play mini-golf during the tourist season if you have some time to kill and want to get out and move around a bit.

Stop #2 – Oxford, Nova Scotia

2014-05-01 12.02.27 (2)

Oxford, Nova Scotia is home to Oxford Frozen Foods, the world’s largest supplier of frozen wild blueberries.  This giant blueberry is located just off the exit by the gas station and convenience store.  Directly across the street is a really nice picnic park with a new playground that sits along the local swimming hole so it makes for a great place to get out of the car and move around.  I would have taken a picture of the park area but it was raining.  I’ll get a photo next time.

#3 – Gateway Village, Prince Edward Island

2014-05-01 13.54.42

As soon as you cross Confederation Bridge and arrive in P.E.I. you come to Gateway Village.  During tourist season (mid-May – October) the place is all abuzz and offers your first opportunity to get your Cows t-shirt or PEI mud shirt.  Sadly, we were there a few weeks too early so we missed out on the Cows t-shirt which was a total bummer, however, we did get the photo with the lobster that greets you at the gift shop that stays open year round.  Gateway Village has a great playground and offers a nice view of Confederation Bridge for those who want to take a photo.  If you go there the right time of year you’ll find lots of great little shops and can get some Cows ice-cream.

These are just a few fun places to stop, get a silly photo, and stretch your legs on a Maritime Road Trip.


2 thoughts on “Life By the Sea – Places to Stop for Fun Martime Road Trip Photos

  1. Hello. Just stumbled across your photo of the oxford blueberry. Hes was a pretty rough looking guy in that photo. Just like to tell you me and a fello friend painted him this summer gone by. Blasted him right down to the cement, and gave him a super heavy awesome coat this time,
    People from all over said he looks the best he ever has. Lol So if your around. U can have a new picture of a healthier blueberry. Your welcome

    • What a coincidence! We actually did stop by while he was getting his makeover!!!! We’ll be passing by there again soon so we’ll make a point of stopping in to seeing his new look 🙂 Thanks for giving him an upgrade. It looked like it was a lot of work.

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