A Weekend of Accomplishments

Please forgive any typos in this post.  I’m absolutely exhausted from an exciting weekend.  On a personal level, I arrived home to see that I had a new trophy for reaching 50 followers which means I’m half way to this year’s goal of 100 followers.  Yay!  Thanks to everyone who follows me.

So, this weekend both of my daughters were competing in provincial championships in their respective sports in different communities.  My youngest daughter, Catherine, had badminton provincials and brought home gold medals in all three of her events!  This is my child with juvenile arthritis and the day before Nova Scotia provincials her knee decided to bother her, but she pushed through the pain and came out on top, remaining undefeated in U12 competition this season.  She and I will be heading to Prince Edward Island on Thursday so she can compete at the Atlantic Junior Badminton Championship over the weekend as part of Nova Scotia’s U14 team.  She usually plays U12, but their youngest age category at Atlantics this year is U14 so she’ll be playing up an age category and focusing on personal bests instead of medals.

My oldest daughter, Lydia, was competing in Volleyball Nova Scotia’s Provincial Championship in the U14 age category.  Luckily, Catherine’s last event finished just in time to allow me to drive an hour to get to Lydia’s first game with 10 minutes to spare which was unexpected but very lucky as that first game was pretty intense.  Our girls lost in a tie breaking set 16-14.  It was insane!  Despite the loss, Lydia’s team went on to play the best they’ve played all year throughout the tournament and came home with the bronze medal.  A great accomplishment! 

After this coming weekend when we finish up at Atlantics the girls will be finished their respective sport seasons and we will have a nice 4 month break from competitive sports.  I think.  Catherine insists she needs a summer sport and she’s thinking tennis. We’ll see.


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