My Mind is Spinning

Why is it that during the winter when it’s cold and miserable out and I have plenty of time to write my mind is pretty much blank, but the moment I get out into the fresh air it starts spinning with ideas and plots? This weekend has been a perfect example.  Yesterday as I was wondering about my yard picking up millions of sticks fallen from a brutal winter my mind was all abuzz with storylines.  Unfortunately, not the storyline I am supposed to be working on. 

Today, I got to spend a few hours outside on my mom’s farm and then a few more outside on my deck and it was the same thing.  My mind was spinning with imagination and ideas.  

It should come as no surprise that most of my work is written on a laptop outside, usually on my back deck.  

My spring writing project is to sit down and write book 2 of my children’s series.  The first book, JENNIE FOWLER NIGHTTIME PROWLER, launches in late July so I am determined to have the second book finished before it launches because I’ll be hectic with promotion.  I don’t think the timeline will be a problem as the book is completely plotted out.  The challenge, of course, is staying focused when my mind drifts to other writing projects….and I have LOTS of writing projects on the go.  Or at least that’s what my spinning mind thinks!  


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