Finding my ‘Real’ Place in the Publishing World

It’s official.  My children’s chapter book, “Jennie Fowler, Nighttime Prowler,” will be launched this summer!  I’m over the moon with excitement and I think I’m actually more excited now than when I received word 2 years ago that it was accepted for publication the first time.  For those of you who may recall, that deal fell through when the small publisher went under last spring leaving me overwhelmed with disappointment, feeling embarrassed and humiliated, and wondering what my next step would be.  Find an agent?  Query other publishers?  Self-publish? 

What’s a girl to do when her lifelong dream has just been squashed?

Well, if you’re this girl, you take a few months to clear your head, you research every option available, you make a decision, and you go for it.  With that said, I’m even more excited to announce that my book will be published by Cathydia Press – my brand new publishing company! 

So, yes, I’ve opted to self-publish.  Indie writers are having some great successes lately and I think the old stigma associated with self-publishing is starting to fade.  The fact that my book had been accepted by a publisher previously probably also gave me the validation I had been seeking that it was “good enough” which helped a lot in making this decision. 

I really believe that this is the one thing I was always meant to do and because of that I feel pretty confident that I will be successful.  Do I expect to make any best seller lists?  No, but I’m confident that I’ll sell a decent number and that those who are willing to take a chance on this new unknown author will be glad they did.  My definition of success will also be defined by so much more than just sales and numbers. 

It’s probably worth noting that I do hope to be in a position to publish others at some point in the future.  In fact, my website is actually being designed with those plans in mind. I’m not making any promises, but I have very real intentions.  For the next year or two, however, I will be focusing exclusively on publishing my own writing and learning the ropes of the industry as I move along. 

If all goes as planned my book will launch in August and will be available in print and as an e-book.  My book design team is already working on it and today my illustrator forwarded me some character design concept sketches for Jennie and one of them was perfect.  I can’t wait for all of you to meet her!




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