Recognizing the Role of Military Spouses

This post comes two days after Remembrance Day in Canada.  A day when we reflect on the service of men and women who came before us who have given us this very right to speak our minds, voice our opinions, and share them with the world.  Without them, it seems unlikely that blogging would even exist.

For me, Remembrance Day is also a time to thank the many friends I have currently serving in our Canadian military and to also thank their spouses for the sacrifices they have made.

I spent about 10 years living in the military community of Greenwood, N.S. with a portion of that time working as a Coordinator at the Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre.  I was a civilian, but most of my friends, neighbours, and co-workers were military spouses so I had the privilege of getting to know so many fabulous military families over the years and grew to very much appreciate the challenges faced by so many of them. What has always amazed me about my friends who are military spouses is their amazing strength, compassion for each other, and creativity to solve problems that come their way.  They truly are amazing people.  I’ve watched some struggle through challenging pregnancies while their husbands were deployed, raise children without the support of family nearby to help them, learn to use snow blowers, power tools, and basically become carpenters because if there was going to be a major storm or something was going to break it was inevitable that it would happen when their husband was a few thousand miles away. I’ve also watched them rally together to support each other in ways I cannot properly describe with words.  I feel blessed to have had the chance to meet so many of them, support some of them during challenging times, and develop friendships with many that have survived postings, distance, and time.  Some of the women I consider to be my closest and dearest friends are women I never see because they are scattered around the world supporting their husbands.  I love them dearly and miss them immensely.

Today I am excited to support Brenda Corey Dunne, a military spouse who worked with me as a volunteer at the Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre several postings ago, as she reveals the cover for her upcoming novel, DEPENDENT, expected to be released in late July 2014 by Jolly Fish Press.   I have a passion for supporting Canadian writers and feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to take part in her cover reveal today and help introduce this talented new writer to the world.  If you enjoy reading, are a military member, or a military spouse you are going to want to read this book.  Personally, I can’t wait for July and already have a stash of Kleenex on hand because I’ve heard rumours that it is a tear jerker.

Cover - Dependent
About Dependent:
When 45-year-old Ellen Michaels loses her husband to a tragic military accident, she is left in a world of gray. For 25 years her life has been dictated by the ubiquitous They—the military establishment that has included her like chattel with John’s worldly goods—his Dependents, Furniture, and Effects. They—who have stolen her hopes, her dreams and her innocence, and now in mere months will take away the roof over her head. Ellen is left with nothing to hold on to but memories and guilt and an awful secret that has held her in its grip since she was 19. John’s untimely death takes away her anchor, and now, without the military, there is no one to tell her where to go, what to do— no one to dictate who she is. Dependent deals with issues ever-present in today’s service families—early marriage, frequent long absences, the culture of rank, and posttraumatic stress, as well as harassment and abuse of power by higher-ranking officials. It presents a raw and realistic view of life for the lives of the invisible support behind the uniform.

About Brenda:

Brenda Corey Dunne grew up in rural New Brunswick, Canada. She originally trained as a physiotherapist and worked several years as a Physiotherapy Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force before meeting the love of her life and taking her release.

She completed her first full length manuscript in 2008 as a bucket-list item and since then she has self-published a work of YA historical fiction (TREASURE IN THE FLAME), and has several other manuscripts in various stages of completion. DEPENDENT, an adult contemporary fiction, will be published by Jolly Fish Press in summer 2014. Brenda is represented by Jennifer Mishler and Frances Black of Literary Counsel.

When not working as a physioherapist or writing, Brenda can be found juggling taxi-mom duties, working in the garden or strolling through the horse paddock with a coffee in hand. She currently resides on a small hobby farm in Eastern Ontario (Canada) with her husband and their three children, two horses, a dog, a cat, several chickens and the occasional sheep.

Brenda Corey Dunne

Congratulations, Brenda!


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